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Hi and thanks for visiting my site!

My name is Valentina and I am a Transformational & Creative Coach trained in the Co-Active Model and Leadership by CTI. I work as a performance Coach at  BIMM London  and have worked as a Wellbeing Coach at King's College London,
I am also very proud to be a Coach for Sanctus, SEVEN, Lea_p and to run n my own coaching practice.
I am a musician and a Vocal Coach based in West London, and I lead workshops for anyone who'd like to explore new ways of being creative in their lives or workplaces, and move towards their goals.

As a Coach, my focus is to serve you towards a deeper sense of self – awareness, which will have positive effects on all aspects of your life.

As contradictory as it may sound, I will not help you solve your problems, nor suggest tactics or make decisions for you.
Instead I will help you really understand yourself and empower you to know what is best for you, take charge of your life and start moving towards your vision.

I will help you transform into the person you want to be, set and achieve your goals in a creative way and hold you accountable for the life you want to live.

Thanks to Coaching, you will find tools to self esteem, confidence, direction and fulfilment, so that you can face difficult situations, push past emotional barriers, achieve your goals and view life with fresh, hopeful and enlightened eyes.

Within my practice, I see creatives from all backgrounds and professionals who would like to improve their creative skills and use them to transform their lives.

Join me!

  1. What is a Life Coach?
    A Life Coach is someone who aims to serve and empower Clients to make powerful choices in their lives. Coaching is a committed conversation, an equal partnership between two people. The Coaching relationship is built on trust, respect, openness, compassion, empathy and commitment to always speaking the truth.
  2. The Coach
    As a Transformational & Creative Coach, I focus on guiding my Clients towards re-discovering their potential, so that they can peal off the layers to full permission to create a more fulfilling life for themselves.
  3. Benefits of Coaching
    Coaching focuses on the discovery of awareness and choice, empowering people to find their own answers. Thanks to Coaching, Clients will find their tools to self esteem, confidence and fulfillment to face difficult situations, push past emotional barriers and view life with fresh, hopeful and enlightened eyes.
    Coaching is a committed conversation, an equal partnership between two people. The Coaching relationship is built on trust, respect, openness, compassion, empathy and commitment to always speaking the truth.
What I Do
  1. Free ONLINE Consultation
    I offer a free 30 minute online or phone consultation to see how we work together. Get in touch!
  2. One to One Skype Sessions
    60 minute sessions to deepen the learning about yourself and forward your actions. Available in person, online or on the phone.
  3. Coaching Packages
    Sign up for a minimum of 3 months and have sessions on a weekly or fortnightly basis. After the period runs out, we will review your progress together and plan ahead.
  4. Workshops
    I offer workshops on Public Speaking, Performance Anxiety and all things Creative! Ask me about my latest projects.
  5. Coaching Worldwide
    I offer Online Worldwide Coaching sessions in English and Italian.
  6. My Areas of Coaching
    Self-awareness to spark transformation - Motivation - Creativity and Performance - Confidence and Self Esteem - Performance Anxiety - Fulfillment - Personal Development - Work/Life Balance - Public Speaking

Why I Do This

It astonishes me how many incredibly gifted and in many ways talented people forget what they are good at. What they love doing. What used to make them smile as a child, and fill their heart with joy.

I truly believe we were all born naturally creative, we were all brought into this world with a gift that is unique to us. However we often lose touch with our natural inclinations, and end up following the ever increasingly fast current of life towards goals that don't feel close to our heart and soul.

We forget why we thought it was a good idea to accept a particular job offer, or move to the city we thought was going to make our dreams come true, or just simply end up feeling numb and stuck. Suddenly our bubble bursts and we are very aware of the many ways life has tricked us along the way.
Where am I?

What have I forgotten about myself that has always been inside of me?

What am I naturally good at and love doing the most?
Let me serve you and guide you towards re – discovering your natural inclinations and your incredibly creative self.
Let me help you peel off the layers of expectation, from yourself and others, until you allow yourself full permission to be who you are. Unleash your potential.
You can live a more fulfilling life, You can achieve what you've always wanted to. You can make your own choices towards a better you.
"Valentina is an intuitive, caring coach whose artistic, bubbly personality made the process not just deeply helpful but also fun and energising."
- Amy -
"Valentina combines her calming presence with just the right intuitive questions during the 1 to 1 Skype sessions we have. I always come away feeling affirmed and positive.
Thanks to her realistic and uncomplicated suggestions for development I am successfully managing myself through an inspiring transformative phase.
Thank you Vale!"
- Claire -
"Valentina knows how to shift the energy in the room! She knows what i need and when i NEED IT... There is no hiding with the woman, but I'm grateful for her unapologetic love.
- Anonymous -
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